الاثنين، 15 ديسمبر 2008

Why did we rejoice for the election of Obama?

Unlike what some in the US might think, We didn't cheer for Obama

because of his African roots, or because of his middle name, or because

of his Moslem father, or because of his color or ethnicity in any way!

Not only the majority of the middle-Easterners, but also most of the world was happy to see Obama win the election. In my view the reason for the world's optimism with Obama is twofold:

First, there is the triumph of the idea and value of Democracy, which means that all what we believed in is true, the theory was proven right by the practice which allowed someone from a minority group to become the leader of the free world. Second, there is the collective wish to see the republican policies come to an end. This is, of course- in addition to Obama's charisma, and well balanced speeches.

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