الخميس، 29 نوفمبر 2007

Coining a new term: Izlamists

It's not a typo; the new term is the best description of people who are trying to impose their religious point of view, jump to power, and impose their strict interpretations and Shariy'a law on the rest of us who don't subscribe to the same ideas or even don't belong to the same religion.

The new term comes from Izlam إظلام which means loosely imposing darkness, which is what I think these people are trying to do to Egypt. Major Izlamists include Nabieh El-Wahsh, Yousef El-Badry, Issam El-Erian, Abdel-Sabour Shaheen, Mohamed Habib, and their likes. I would also add the editor of the El-Esboua newspaper Mostafa Bakry although he moved from being ultra-leftist, and extremist pan Arabism activist, to slowly becoming an Izlamist.

These people share too many things in common; they are against personal freedoms, equal rights for all religions in Egypt, they would call others infidels based on a variety of criteria, they would try to divorce people, etc...

My next post will have the details of these people. I will start what I would call the Hall of Shame for Egypt, and maybe enlarge it to include members from the Arab world such as Rashid Al-Ghanoushy from Tunisia.

I would also start a Hall of Fame that includes leading secularists such as Saad el-din Ibrahim, Taha Hussein, Nawal Sa'adawy, Ahmed Zowel, Farouk Hosni, etc...

Stay tuned!

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