الجمعة، 28 سبتمبر 2007

WB: Egypt Tops Worldwide Business Reformers

Some good news for a change!

According to the World Bank, Egypt came first in implementing reforms that would ease doing business in their markets. Here is the summary from Doingbusiness.org.

"..Egypt, the top reformer in the region and worldwide, greatly improved its position in the global rankings on the ease of doing business. Its reforms went deep. Egypt cut the minimum capital required to start a business, from 50,000 Egyptian pounds to just 1,000 and halved the time and cost of start-up. It reduced fees for registering property from 3 percent of the property value to a low, fixed amount. It eased the bureaucracy that builders face in getting construction permits. It launched new one-stop shops for traders at Egyptian ports, cutting the time to import by seven days and the time to export by five. And it established a new private credit bureau that will soon be making it easier for borrowers to get credit."

This confirms what I believed in all along, that Egypt has the most competent governement it had for the last 60 years or so. All the macro economic indicators are significantly positive, however, population growth, and external factors (wheat prices for example) are preventing the majority of the population from feeling the effects of this super performance.

الأربعاء، 26 سبتمبر 2007

Coming Soon: The Ayatollahs (Sheikhs) Ruling Egypt!

Just had a look at the sneaked version of the Moslem Brotherhood's political program!!

MB realized that their policy of brandishing the banner of "Islam is the solution" would not do the trick anymore after the new constitutional amendments banning the use of religious slogans in politics, so they had to come up with some sort of a political program, and they did!!

The program is as poor as it gets when it comes to political programs, however the interesting portions of it come from the fact that if these thugs jump into power -God forbid- they will turn Egypt into another Iran or even Talibanistan in that it will be ruled by clergymen!

Al-Hayat newspaper reviewed it here , while Dr. Abdel-Monem Al-Saeed reviewed it at Al-Sharq Al-Awsat here .

According to the program, the country should be ruled by Shariy'ah laws that should be determined by a council of clergymen to be elected (ringing any bells!), all important posts in the state should be ran by people who should not only be Moslems, but also have to be well versed in theology!!! That's not only an outright call for discrimination based on religious beliefs, but also a stupid thing to do! Imagine the minister of health who should the Sheikh Doctor Minister of health, and who would probably believe that certain urine could heal sick people!!!

Needless to say that the program calls for banning presidency and premiership to non-Moslems, and hints at preventing non-Moslems from joining the army and security!! it only stops short of calling for Jiziah (tax for non-Moslems).

250 years ago when they wanted to plan the Al-Azhar street, they asked the grand sheikh of Azhar about the planning of that street, so he issued an edict that the width should be that of two camels. I think that we are heading this direction again.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a disaster waiting to happen, hope there are enough sober people in this country to prevent it.

الاثنين، 24 سبتمبر 2007

Our real enemy!

Take a deep breath and look at the map above and this table:

We have always been bragging about how we are the cradle of civilization, and all the rest of that stuff, however, when you look at the map and the table, you find that Egypt is ranked 152nd in literacy percentage after Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, Eritrea and Comoros!!

In the Arab countries, we are only ahead of Yemen, and Iraq (I guess the later has some incorrect statistics because of the current circumstances).

It's about time to wake up and smell the coffee! We are having a large population increase, hundreds of thousands are entering the employment market every year, but large percentage of them is illiterate!!!

We should concentrate our forces into fighting this terrible fact; illiteracy should be reduced to less than 10% in the next 10 years from the current 44%. To do this, the government has to make it a requirement for the most basic services for people to be literate just like what it does with driver's license. Voting registration cards shouldn't be given to illiterates, prisoners should get reduced sentences if they learn how to read and write, or if they teach an illiterate how to read and write, etc...
New and innovative methods should be followed; graduation projects for university students should include such effort, military service could be substituted with this effort as well, the nonesense of military training during summer for university students should also be substituted by this effort.
This is a corner stone for Egypt's development. Without improving on it, I say it again, there is no future for Egypt.

الأربعاء، 5 سبتمبر 2007

Today, I'm ashamed to be Moslem!

What is happening in this world? My co-religionists are blowing up (or plotting to blow up) innocent people everywhere!!

In one week alone, arrests for Moslems on terror charges were made in Germany, Denmark, and USA…

Today, it was announced that German authorities prevented a massive terror attack and arrested three Moslems stocking on chemical materials with an equivalent effect of 500 kgs of TNT!!!

Yesterday, Eight Moslem suspects including six Danes were arrested in Danmark on suspicion of plotting terrorist attacks in Denmark!!!
Earlier this week, two Moslem Egyptian engineering students were captured in Florida for transporting explosives across states lines!

It was only several weeks ago that Moslem doctors -who are supposed to save lives- in Glasgow attempted to blow up one of its terminal, although luckily the only one who died was one of the perpetrators!

It's not enough anymore to say that these thugs don't represent us or the great values of Islam! for one thing, our voices in condemning these heinous acts are very low, and for another thing, our hate spreading Imams are still spreading their venom in many corners or the Moslem world and beyond.

By writing this post, I hope I'm absolving myself from all this and I hope my fellow Moslems wake up and see what's happening around them! The other day, I heard some Western colleagues from a certain European country say that Hitler choose the wrong people!!

I wouldn't blame any westerner who becomes prejudiced against us Moslems. We were complaining about the Popes speech which mentioned how violent Islam teachings were, yet, we don't let time pass without reminding the whole world that we are the most violent bunch!

I hope Moslem countries introduce laws to inflict severe punishment on their citizens who plot terror attacks, or preach hatred, even if these attacks were against other countries.

The two Egyptian engineering students should be made an example by Egyptian authorities -if they were proven guilty- upon their arrival. The damage their acts have inflicted on other law abiding Egyptians in the US and elsewhere is immeasurable! Being looked at as a suspect everywhere because you belong to the same group is a humiliating position that governments should protect their citizen from by taking such measures as to impose severe measures on the perpetrators.

I hope the day were Islam is banned from civilized countries doesn't come, but with the rate of events happening around the world, this day is not far away!