الأربعاء، 7 مارس 2007

Mubarak should go to Iraq in solidarity against the cult of blood thirsty butchers!

I browsed through some of the main Arab newspapers to find what I was expecting! Nothing! No strong words! Only mild protests against the massacres of Shyiaa pilgrims in Hela, and Karbala, Iraq. I don't know what religion or sect if any justifies the butchery of innocent pilgrims on their way to pay what they consider a religious duty.

I am filled with anger and disappointment. I can't find a rationale for our governments and our people who filled the air against the massacres committed by Israel in South Lebanon in July! Although, at least, these were in response to military activities by Hizbollah, while the Iraq massacres are totally unprovoked.

Some of the Arab population are mislead to thinking that what's happening in Iraq is resistance to occupation! This misleading is done by the media! And guess what, I came accross some bloggers are also circulating Zarqawi's terror materials on the Internet, spreading hatred against Shiaa Moslems, including lies about their sect.

What's more sad is that these low lives went about their butchery thinking that they will get laid with 72 virgins as a reward to the carnage they left behind! How many kids became orphans? How many men and women became widows? How many mothers and fathers lost their loved ones?????

I dream that Mubarak will take a strong stand against this nonsense and pay a condolence visit to Iraq as a proper gesture in support of the unity of Iraq, and against those murderers. He shouldn't give any weight to the line of thought that such visit could be interpreted as a blessing to the occupation. This is not as important as showing the Iraqi people that we care about them, and that their blood, no matter what sect they follow, is dear to us. But I am sure my dreams will only stay like this; dreams…

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Egypeter يقول...

Now imagine all the outrage by Arab mainstream media, like Al Ahram, had this been done by the evil Americans...some 200 Iraqi Shia dead in two days.

Big Pharaoh used to blog about this very subject and the indifference of the Arab world in regards to the senseless bloodshed in Iraq.

It makes me wonder why Iraqi Sunni and Iraqi Shi'a can't get along. Are their religious differences greater than their common bond as Iraqis?? If so then that's really really worrisome.

Nah·det Masr يقول...

Yes, I follow what Big Pharaoh writes and I agree with him, but this time I felt real anger about what is happening, so I thought I should communicate my feelings. It doesn't matter the extent of differences between the two sects (and actually it depends on who you ask some on both sides consider the other sect followers to be infidels), but I think that sects in Iraq have become an identity above citizenship, and this is the US mistake when it introduced the sectarian system in politics! I am not of the school of thought that accuses US and Israel for every bad thing, but in this case, I am convinced about this. It's sad...