الأربعاء، 7 فبراير 2007

"National" Newspapers; Why should we foot the bill?

One of the most upsetting facts to me in Egypt, is the presence of
"National" newspapers (the right term would be government funded
newspapers)! these papers were private until they were natioanlized
after the 1952 coup d'etat.

Two days ago, Al-Ahram newspaper had a small clip about a
recommendation to deffer the discussion of the large debts these papers
owe to the governement in the parliament!!!

You got to be kidding me! the government is forcing us to read the news
they dictate to their crony newspapers, and then, we have to pay the
bill of their mismanagement! In any other country, having monopoly over
such important media outlet, would mean a lot of gains, not the other
way around!!!!!

To start with, it is not right to have national newspapers from the
point of view of freedom of expression, since the editors in these
papers will always be bound by the directives of their boss! the

The second base for objection is the fact that they are not
economically feasible! since all the rules of public sector bureaucracy
will apply to their hiring and firing policies, as well as every other
aspect of their life cycle.

Recently, strong private newspapers started to appear such as "Al Masry
Al-Yaum" but they are still in their infancy, and their resources are
relatively limited, their access to news sources and other materials
cannot be compared to the giant three "Ahram, Akhbar Gumhoria".

I think that this is one of the reasons why we don't have a decent
world class newspaper in Egypt that compares to the london-based Al-
Sharq Al-Awsat
, or Al-Hayat newspapers.

Egypt has a huge comparative advantage in the field of media
production, but policies such as having national newspapers, and
national tv would continue to make us loose money and loose ground in
battle for modernization and development.

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Egypeter يقول...

Great points dear professor!

It is truly a shame that the government controls the media in Egypt. And not only is it a shame but it is a hindrance in Egypt's quest for democracy. The thought of paid cronies, toting the same tired government line, writing the news for all of Egypt to read angers me.

The obvious best thing people can do is stop buying the government papers and support the independant papers...

Let's hope Al Masry Al Youm takes off...


غير معرف يقول...


Dear Nahdet Masr, Congratulations for your writings and your blog in general. You actually helped me spot the other political blogs. Here is the URL to my Youtube channel. Please feel free to link to any video (or even embed it on your blog). "Ya horreya" is a song we should spread around. Take care. Ahmad Sherif.

Nah·det Masr يقول...

Egypeter, thanks for your comment, we are thinking along the same lines! I hope the rest of Egypt follow our same line of thinking, but it'll probably take a generation or two!

Ahmad Sherif, thanks for your comment, and for your offer, I will definetly look at your youtube link and I can link to some of the entries there.


Pharaoh®© يقول...

Press is messed up in Egypt just as anything else,i've stopped reading National newspaper a long time ago,thanks heaven for the Internet,at least we won't find lies and hypocrisy as we do in national press.

egyptiankangaroo يقول...

More bloodshed in Lebanon. Why is it happening yet again? What will it take for the security forces to get their act together? It is about time that the Lebanese took the matter into their own hands and led their country instead of waiting for someone for the outside to do it for them. It is time for them to be one. I know that it is easier said than done, but what the heck it is a blog after all.
Please come and tell me what you think @ http://egyptiankangaroo.blogspot.com/

كبير المتشردين يقول...

اشكرك انك اضفتي مدونتي لديك ولكن قد وصفت مدونتي بالمدونة الاسلامية رغم اني افتخر اني مسلم الا ان مدونتي لا تعبر عن رأي الاسلام والمسلمين ولكنه رأي شخصي بعيدا عن اي شيء اعرف ان فكرة حد الردة وموضوع البهائية هو ما جعلك تؤمن اني ااخذ الطابع الاسلامي في الكتابة ولكنه حكم متسرع منك عموما اشكرك وانتمائي للاسلام اعتبره شرف لي اما بالنسبة لموضوع انك علماني بالمعني الحرفي فلا اعتقد ان ده بيشكل مشكلة لاي حد بس المشكلة بتبتدي من لفظ تاني Anti-Islamist

Nah·det Masr يقول...


Thanks very much for your input. I agree with you that the net has made getting away with lies harder, however, we still need to have a good press for various reasons.

كبير المتشردين،

ممكن فعلاً أكون أتسرعت في تصنيف مدونتك، هأحاول أقرا فيها تاني علشان أتأكد. انا فاكر ان التصنيف كان بناءاً على مناقشة معاك ومش بالضرورة الموضوعات الي انتا كاتبها بس. شكراً على تعليقك عموماً.

Aardvark EF-111B يقول...

I am not satisfied by the curent level of quasi-government press,

checking al-ahram today & 10years / 30 years ago...

currently i buy newspapers for house cleaning purposes only!

the funniest thing that i heard Mr.Moustafa Al-Fiqi, one of N.D. Party new Branded-Elites frankly says he speak different language in Al-Ahram than Al-Hayat

It seems Egyptians are not mature enough to handle free professional press !!! (do you believe that, Agree ?!?!)_.

As for Financials of the Quasi-Governmental Press, why should we assume that it is managed better way that the government?!?

Nah·det Masr يقول...


Thanks for stopping by. I share your opinion.